Before conference face-to-face for the first time, seven got typically starred against Me.

Before conference face-to-face for the first time, seven got typically starred against Me.


Five am lover of Mitch as a gamer, correctly is one of the most tolerant together with pompous self centered activities for his or her trust in their expertise and wisdom, but doesn’t always have difficulty to straight face him or her as he crosses the line. Separate all Five openly considers him as buddy or at least a frenemy.


Casino are a child pal of 5 which he had not observed in a couple of years until the parties of “Smashozaurs”. Both of them posses a shared love for the titular computer game featured during the event, Smashozuars. From constantly accompanying his pops to focus and then maybe not watching him for an entire couple of years, Casino seen abandoned by Five long.


A kid Five and Miko unearthed that happens to be a skilled modder. She generated a unique Chomp Kitty which was violet and called it Horn. She employs bugs which were trapped and adjustments here AI and appearances to make them good dogs


As a very seasoned problem Tech, Five is happy by and sees Zahra awesome. Because collection progresses, they become pals and Zahra also establishes a crush on Five. To date, four was not really acquainted with her emotions about him.


Haneesh was a much more practiced problem computer that Five aspects and appears to. After “Alpha Leader”, the sensation of admiration turned into mutual.


They became good friends in “compilation search” and frequently went on goals along next, suggesting these are generally on close conditions.

As manager of Bailey department of Hinobi’s problem Techs, Phil are Five’s supervisor. Five respects him as an exceptional it is happy to posses their ground against your in problems like bringing Ridley aboard problem technicians.

Abuela & Papi

Abuela & Papi Nieves include Five’s grand-parents. Before becoming a problem techie for Hinobi, Five accustomed work at their meal pick-up. They supporting his love for on-line computer games.


Emilio is definitely Five’s daddy, and they’re nonetheless on good conditions while Five is obviously disappointed through the concept his own dad was in jail.

Geri is definitely loved ones friend that close with Five along with his daddy. Vendor program, seven hadn’t noticed this lady since his father had been apprehended.

Abilities, Capabilities, and Technology

Preparing: Before he signed up with the problem technicians, the man been shown to be a reliable cook within his household nutrients car.

Authority: the guy can quickly prepare plans, making use of anything to his or her personality and considering his buddies’ capabilities, the guy tells have transformative these kinds of projects once these do not work just he conform to it and produce a new one.

Development and gadgets information: they are occasionally viewed reviewing e-books on development on his down time. In “Ping”, the guy revealed that he or she is ready generating modifications to arcade games cupboards.

Bug computer Gauntlet: Essential merchandise of the Glitch computer manhood:

  • Jet shoes or boots: 1st got in “supposed, went, Gauntlet!”, this upgrade granted Five to leap improved and fly, but they at first got inept controls. These people were eventually exchanged in to integrate Five and Miko’s EXP into legally maintaining Ally, though Five got it well before his or her appearance in “lineup pursuit”.
  • Skins
    • StegaZaur Exo fit: a huge, heavy-duty armor epidermis to begin with included in “Smashozaurs”, straight determined by Five’s best individual from your collection. The fit am mainly always go well with contrary to the energy of Casino’s TriTops kind, though it had been sooner damaged.
    • Modded ace (temporary): a specialty mod surface of a wizard within the video game “flames generation 4”, developed by Ridley and compatible with the data of the lady improved problems, permitting Five to fight and catch them.
  • Hoverboard: first-seen in “Smashozaurs”, it is another travel instrument mainly employed for quick escapes. It can take in regards to a couple.
  • Fast improvement: Augments their speeds for a short period of your time.
  • Replication Mod: designed by Ridley, really a power blast that a glitch split up into two exact clones.
  • Fixed rule: a large cannon much a tank’s with a robust great time but wants some help from another bug technical to deploy and rehearse. He and Nameless tried it collectively with its sole appearances, making it not yet determined whether or not it is associated with Five or Nameless.

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