Before fulfilling face-to-face the first time, Five received commonly starred against Me.

Before fulfilling face-to-face the first time, Five received commonly starred against Me.


Five had been lover of Mitch as a player, because of this the most resistant along with his conceited self centered tendencies for their trust in his or her experience and ability, but doesn’t have nightmare to directly face your when he crosses the series. Separate all Five freely considers him as good friend or perhaps a frenemy.


Casino are a youth good friend of 5 which he had not affecting two years vendor occasions of “Smashozaurs”. Both get a shared fascination with the titular gaming included into the event, Smashozuars. Considering regularly associated his daddy to your workplace thereafter certainly not viewing him or her for a full 2 yrs, Casino experienced departed from by Five period.


A young child Five and Miko discovered that try a talented modder. She had a new Chomp Kitty that has been violet and named it Horn. She utilizes problems which were captured and adjustments indeed there AI and appearance and have them as good dogs


As a experienced Glitch technical, Five is impressed by and locates Zahra fantastic. Since the collection progresses, the two being good friends and Zahra even develops a crush on Five. To date, Five was not aware of the woman thoughts about your.


Haneesh is an even more seasoned bug Tech that Five respects and search over to. After “leader Leader”, the experience of value came to be common.


They became close friends in “range venture” and sometimes proceeded objectives collectively after that, showing they might be on good phrases.

As executive associated with the Bailey department of Hinobi’s Glitch technicians, Phil try Five’s manager. Five aspects him as a superior it is ready to posses their floor against him in covers like providing Ridley aboard problem Techs.

Abuela & Papi

Abuela & Papi Nieves is seven’s grand-parents. Before becoming a Glitch technology for Hinobi, Five regularly work on his or her provisions pickup. They support his passion for computer game.


Emilio happens to be Five’s father, and they’re nevertheless on great words besides the fact that Five is clearly distressed because of the fact their dad is during imprisonment.

Geri happens to be loved ones good friend who is in close proximity with Five and his escort review Santa Rosa awesome pop. Before the television series, Five had not read the lady since his own dad was caught.

Capabilities, Performance, and Products

Preparing: Before the man signed up with the problem specialists, this individual been shown to be a good cook as part of his kids nutrients pick-up.

Leadership: he will fast making ideas, using anything to their inclination and thinking about his or her companions’ talents, the man demonstrates to have transformative on these programs when these don’t work specifically the man get used to they and make a fresh one.

Programs and electronic devices info: they are sometimes spotted examining reference books on programs with his peace and quiet. In “Ping”, he demonstrated that he could be competent at generating adjustments to video video game cabinets.

Bug technical Gauntlet: practical equipment of the Glitch computer user:

  • Aircraft boot footwear: First acquired in “Heading, went, Gauntlet!”, this update enabled Five to jump high and travel, but he or she to begin with experienced inept controls. They were sooner bought and sold directly into mix Five and Miko’s EXP into legitimately trying to keep Ally, though Five got it well before their unique appearance in “Collection venture”.
  • Skins
    • StegaZaur Exo complement: a significant, industrial-grade armour epidermis to begin with showcased in “Smashozaurs”, straight determined by Five’s beloved character from the series. The fit ended up being mainly utilized to match contrary to the intensity of Casino’s TriTops type, although it had been fundamentally destroyed.
    • Modded ace (temporary): a custom made mod facial skin of an ace from your games “Fire years 4”, designed by Ridley and suitable for the information of the girl edited errors, creating Five to fight and capture these people.
  • Hoverboard: first-seen in “Smashozaurs”, it really is another tour software basically put to use for rapid escapes. It will take regarding two people.
  • Fast raise: Augments his or her increase for a while of your energy.
  • Replication Mod: involving Ridley, it’s a strength great time that will make a bug split up into two actual copies.
  • Stationary canon: an enormous canon like a reservoir’s with an excellent blast but demands some help from another bug technology to position and make use of. They and Nameless tried it together in its only appearances, so it’s not yet determined whether it belongs to Five or Nameless.

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